Book Launch: Nevertheless, They Persisted: Stories from the Left Coast Sunday, October 22nd 4-6 PM

The nine women writers who contributed to this book grew up in Twentieth Century America. Coming as we do from careers in education, journalism, law, science, construction, community organizing, music and art – we have over 700 years of aggregated experience in facing all the cultural issues – the childhood brainwashing, skewed socialization, institutionalized discrimination, sexism and misogyny. We are no strangers to discouragement, limited opportunity, glass ceilings, uneven playing fields and even physical attacks. We have faced all those challenges in our struggle to make authentic lives, to find our truth and employ our skills to benefit people who seek the same goals. Our memoir, fiction and poetry selections share the tactics and strategies we have employed to come to consciousness, to meet adversity and thrive in spite of it all.

Four years ago we created a writers’ sanctuary of freedom, acceptance, and encouragement. It was a beautiful surprise. Out came notebooks of writing and poetry to be employed in further meditation, creative exploration and discovery. We faced down our internal and external critics. We urge you to do the same. Start your group!

Join us for this inspiring event! Free admission, all donations gratefully accepted. Selected readings, book sales and signing. Refreshments for sale.

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