Phase 1

We acquired our auditorium and gallery space, and completed our conceptual plan:


Auditorium, Gallery Space (6,000+ Sq. Ft.), and Land Parcel $700,000
Architectural Design Documents $25,000
  TOTAL PHASE 1 $725,000

Phase 2Completed

We upgraded all buildings to current building codes, built a new stage and green room, improved auditorium acoustics, added new house & stage lighting, remodeled the gallery, landscaped Harmony Village, and built a new office space:


Drawings, Engineering, Permits, Water, and Sewer Fees $21,000
Connections for Power, Water, and Propane $11,000
Concrete Plaza, and Landscaping $11,000
Seismic Retrofit $23,000
Stage and Greenroom Remodel $6,000
New Office in Gallery $5,000
House and Stage Lighting $3,000
Upgrade Existing Restrooms $3,000
 TOTAL PHASE 2 $85,000

Phase 3

We will build a new backstage area with wheelchair lift, install new raked seating for better sight lines, and build a new lobby, plaza, and

water feature. On the west side of the auditorium we will build a new kitchen, restrooms, storage, and outdoor amphitheater stage & shell: $600,000.

OCA Facility PlansOCA Plaza and LobbyOCA Outdoor AmpitheaterOCA Gallery, Looby, Plaza




Stage, Backstage, and Stage Right Storage $159,000
Raked Seating $82,000
Gallery, Office, and Box Office $59,000
West Wing: Green Room, Storage, and Kitchen $207,000
Water Feature $45,000
Amphitheater Shell $48,000
TOTAL PHASE 3 $600,000