Gallery Exhibit: ‘Call & Response’ with Dave Gordon, Victoria Wagner and Adam Wolpert June 8th - July 29th

OCA Gallery presents

an invitational exhibit

“Call & Response”

featuring the artwork of Dave Gordon, Victoria Wagner and Adam Wolpert!

An artists’ reception will be held on Saturday, June 9th from 4 – 7 PM.

The gallery is open Fri-Sat-Sun 11 AM to 4 PM (except major holidays).

‘Horizon 132’ by Dave Gordon


‘Radiant Fall Sunset’ wood rock by Victoria Wagner

painting by Adam Wolpert

About the artists:

Dave Gordon attended the San Francisco Arts Institute and UCLA, receiving a BA in Anthropology in 1980 while employed as illustrator for the Archaeological Survey. In I979, Gordon studied painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bourges, France. He then left school and hitchhiked across Europe, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal, painting small murals. In 1983, he worked as an assistant to Terry Schoonhoven on his Los Angeles Olympics mural, and in 1984 was commissioned to paint an 8,400 square foot retaining wall on Ocean Park Boulevard in Santa Monica, California. Since that time he has designed and painted 60 site-specific murals throughout the USA, including 4 artworks for the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia, and two walls inside the Visitors Center on Independence Mall. In 2003, he was invited to paint a mural during the Festival International des Arts Plastiques in Mahares, Tunisia. For the past several years, he has had the opportunity to work locally, producing murals in Sebastopol, Sonoma, Occidental and Boyes Hot Springs.

In a physical sense, Victoria Wagner’s abstract work lies in perceptual space, vibrational color relationships and craft. Of this, she blames her formative years spent in the high Nevada desert where light was sharp and dramatic, the mountains governed the atmosphere and the sky commanded more peripheral vision than one is capable. Conceptually, her research combines historical and contemporary pursuits of knowledge that run the gamut from space exploration to automatic writing to transcendence.  She questions our eternal quest to conquer/understand the natural world using remedial, outdated tools and our attempt to comprehend human nature by the consistent application of psychological frameworks that are far too simple to measure the depth of complicated responses of which we are capable. Making the connection between the infinite nature of the cosmos and that of our boundless emotional landscape, Wagner’s work and practical research marry the esoteric, mystic, natural, mysterious and future possible. Her minimal yet unrestrained compositions (whether on panel, found wood or aluminum) combine recognizable geometries and color dynamic through natural, synthetic and industrial materials, layering the surface like a bold and complicated narrative in which one is often implicated by their own reflection in the pieces.  Her unlikely pairings and structural mark-making bear visual and vibrational relationships in the tradition of Agnes Martin, Frank Stella, Constantin Brancusi and Barbara Hepworth. She was recently included in American Craft Magazine’s issue on Wood.

Painter Adam Wolpert ( lives in west Sonoma County at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center ( ). Over the last three decades, his eclectic imagery has explored the themes of seasons, cycles, and relationship to place as well as investigating the subtle distinction between the representational and the abstract. His naturalistic outdoor work, featured in this exhibition, portrays the iconic ancient oak trees of Sonoma County. He often works in series as this allows a deeper investigation of his subject. These oak paintings are as much portraits as they are landscapes, not only of the trees themselves but of the season and even time of day. Wolpert’s smaller pieces in the exhibition are from a new series of sketches titled “Porch Variations”. Over the last decade, he has often returned to the practice of making many paintings of the same view over time. Limited in mobility and scale by a recent injury, the artist took the opportunity to paint the view of the garden path from his front porch. In these works, he explores the intimacy of the familiar while seeking once again to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Both in the oak paintings and the porch variations, the work reveals a rich dialogue, a call and response, between the artist and his subject.


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