Gallery Exhibit: Small Works Open Friday-Sunday 11 am - 4 pm; Exhibit ends January 13th

Our current exhibit “Small Works” is an all media exhibit featuring works less than 196 square inches in size.

“Bird at Rest” by Bill McMillon

“Cassandra” by Tom Tuchel

Sonoma County artists have contributed an amazing array of creations in a variety of media! Don’t miss this amazing exhibit of local talent!

Exhibit runs Saturday, November 24th through Sunday, January 13th. The gallery is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am – 4 pm, and during live performance intermissions.

Works in this exhibit include:

“Ocean World” by Hemu Aggarwal
“Ecstasy” by Hemu Aggarwal
“Dreamer” by Beth Anderson
“Cold Feet” by Linda Barretta
“Franz Valley Rd.” by Linda Barretta
“Convenient Nest” by Susan Berg
“Babies in the Blossoms” by Susan Berg
“Fan-Tastic” by Mary Bramwell
“Reimagined” by Mary Bramwell
“Opposites Unite fox/chicken” by Marguerite Brennan
“untitled” by David Richard Brown
“untitled II” by David Richard Brown
“Tiger Lily” Fascinator by Sharon Cahn
“Study in Gold” by Connie Cook
“Mitsuko” by Carol Decker
“Croned” by Molly Eckler
“Coming of Age” by Douglas Emery
“Shoebill Stork” by Grace Fong
“Blue Peaches” by Grace Fong
“Still Life” by Saroj Heron
“Life’s Magic” by Saroj Heron
“Abstract Landscape 1” by Carroll Hirsch
“Adrift” by Berenice Iriks
“Oak Stump Detail” by Fred Jacobs
“Rock and Sand” by Fred Jacobs
“untitled” by John James
“Universe in a Bowl” by Nancy Kees Dunn
“Copper Meets Clay” by Nancy Kees Dunn
“Tidal Pool” by Judith Kinsey
“Landscape with Mtns.” by Joan Kircher
“Abstract” by Joan Kircher
“Tree Dancers” by Deborah LeSueur
“Bird Rattle” by Deborah Le Sueur
“Ginko Vase” by Elise Loveday-Brown
“Green Prickly Pod” by Elise Loveday-Brown
“Lambykins” by Gail Mardfin
“Meditation” by Gail Mardfin
“Untitled” by Bill McMillon
“Bird at Rest” by Bill McMillon
“Lineage” by Courtland Mudge
“Shelter #1” by Courtland Mudge
“Gardener at Winterthur” by Lesley Pickford
“Nasturtiums” by Lesley Pickford
“From Under the Sea” by Elizabeth Pond-McPherson
“Spirit Drum” by Elizabeth Pond-McPherson
“Vase” by Johanna Regan
“Pear” by Johanna Regan
“Humpback Coming Back” by Oak Reinier
“Adinkra” by Carol Swanson
“Spring” by Carol Swanson
“With You” by Minh Ta
“Cassandra” by Tom Tuchel
“Olive Grove” by Tom Tuchel
“Cubo” by Greer Upton
“Anniversary Cake” by Greer Upton
“Small Half Shelf” by Sabina Yates


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Open every Friday, and Saturday, 11 – 4 pm