OCA Members Art Exhibition July 18 through September 5, 2020 Open Saturdays 12-4


Saturday July 18th through Saturday September 5th, 2020

We are excited to announce the re-opening of our Art Gallery!

We will be starting with limited hours and implementing the appropriate safety precautions (limited visitors inside, masks required, etc.), re-opening on Saturday July 18th. We are planning to have the gallery open to the public on Saturdays only, from 12 Noon to 4 PM, for now. Unfortunately, we cannot have an opening reception at this time.

OCA Members are invited to participate in the Members’ Art Exhibit. Limited to one entry per artist, no entry fee required, must be a current member of OCA.

The work in this exhibit will be featured in our physical gallery as well as in our next virtual variety show. Please be sure to review specific requirements below for our revised entry process.

Take in for this show will be on Tuesday July 14th from 1 – 6 PM. We will be staging artists waiting to submit their entry in the auditorium using appropriate social distancing. Please make sure to wear a face covering when you bring in your artwork. If you are not comfortable waiting in the auditorium with others who are spaced 6′ from you, please contact us and we will make arrangements to come out to your car to get your art, or other accommodations to ensure your safety and limit exposure to others, as much as we can.

Entries for this exhibit must be for sale and will be subject to the usual 60/40 commission. Entry fees are waived for this exhibit, however you must be current on your OCA dues to participate. You may submit work that has been shown at OCA in the past. All entries are subject to our usual size and weight limitations. Click here to read our entry guidelines.

To have your artwork included in the virtual show, you must provide your own jpeg/digital photograph of your artwork by 10 PM on Tuesday July 14th by email to Tina Marchetti. You are encouraged also to provide a photograph of yourself with the artwork for inclusion in the Virtual show. (One photo of the artwork, one photo of you and the artwork). To see an example of how your photos will look in the show, check out our Gallery Committee’s sample video.

We want to show the world how talented our members are! If you have any questions about the exhibit, entry process or anything else, please contact Tina Marchetti.

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Open every Friday, and Saturday, 11 – 4 pm