People’s Music Presents A Night of Great Music with Friends Friday, March 1st 7:30 PM

Don’t miss this spectacular variety of local talent! Organized by Alex Bryant, this People’s Music Showcase features five difference performances with talented local musicians including Hoytus & New Paradise, The Stony Point Ramblers, Washington Hill, Whispering Light and Andy Graham.

Tickets are $15 at the door, no reservations needed. Beer/wine/refreshments available. Venue is wheelchair accessible. Scroll down to read about the performers!

Hoytus & New Paradise bring original eclectic rock & folk music. The band includes Hoytus Rolen, Robert Hertzbrun, Alex Bryant, Brett Palm and Eric Engstrom.

Hoytus & New Paradise

The Stony Point Ramblers are a bunch of folks loving old-time acoustic music and having a blast playing it. Band members include Chris Carney, Ernie Noyes, Annie Zolinger, Janette Duncan and Mike Southworth.

The Stony Point Ramblers

Washington Hill is an alternative rock band featuring Oliver Rogoff, Everest Rosa-Barnette, Hand Anderson and Nicco Weisskoff.

Washington Hill

Whispering Light performs jazz/fusion as seen on NBC and 2019 feature on Women’s International Music Network. Lindy Day, Kevin Village-Stone and Ralph Anderson.

Kevin Village-Stone and Lindy Day of Whispering Light

Andy Graham  –  percussionist extraordinaire!

Andy Graham



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