Summer Sunday Memoir Group Six Sundays 3-5 PM beginning June 23rd


Opening the Treasure Chest,” is a memoir-writing circle that will open at OCA in June. This will be a six week event led by Bev Riverwood, who will begin addressing topics such as “what is this memoir thing anyway” and “why on earth would I want to write one?” We will deal with selecting an approach and begin to learn to silence our inner critics.

Each meeting will include some good old-fashioned reading and writing, as we make our way through the advice offered by such leading lights as Natalie Goldberg and Anne Lamott. This will be a safe place to investigate the bright as well as the dark side. As trust develops we will share some writing, but we will save “criticism” until our skins are thick and we have developed confidence in our new voice. We will learn to follow where our life story is leading. All previous experience is not only useful but required. Beginners are welcome.

This six-week adventure will include research methods and materials, organization, timelines of events and family mythology and memory. So get out those journals, photo albums, letters, emails, (and the book you have hidden in the top drawer of your desk!) Of course, we’ll address creating scenes and characters as well as dialogue, editing and whatever other topics arise. We do not have an official text, but the movable “memoir suitcase” contains a library of memoir books and articles that can be borrowed and studied.

All this for just $100 tuition, which is to be split with the OCA as a donation. This fee is due at the first meeting. If you have questions, please email or call Bev Riverwood, the instigator, who is still working on her own memoir. 707-823-0974.

Bev is a local artist and writer who has a long history of facilitating creative work for people of all ages. A teacher since 1961, she has taught writing to every age from kindergarten to college, and has also taught horsepersonship and stone carving on the side. Most recently, she was one of the founders of the West County Writers’ Circle, a memoir group which began at OCA in 2013 and still persists. Their first book, Stories from the Left Coast: Nevertheless They Persisted, was published in 2017.


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